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The Remarkable Benefits of Diversity in the Workforce

Over a decade ago, I made the business decision to build a startup in Toronto, a city where more than half of residents are born outside of Canada.
It was the best business decision I've ever made.
The startup ecosystem in Canada is booming thanks in part to the country's focus on advocating values of openness, diversity, and inclusion. ...
Mar 20

6 Surprising Ways Kindness Can Boost Your Career

When it comes to career success and professional aspirations, kindness is easily overlooked in favor of qualities like work ethic, tenacity, and perseverance. Many people falsely believe that being nice will hinder your career. While being overly nice or passive can hold you back in certain situations, genuine kindness plays an integral role in the workplace and can be a valuable tool for your success. ...
Mar 14

7 Small Steps Women Can Take To Make Their Voices Heard At Work

There are overt forms of sexism in the workplace that most women can easily see and name: unequal pay for equal work, a boss who tries to sleep with you, a dress code that forces you into heels and tight dresses while the men can wear suits. But subtle sexism, or as author Jessica Valenti once put it, “the everyday slights women can’t tangibly attribute to sexism,” is a beast that’s somewhat harder to recognize and combat. ...
Mar 9

Millennial Office Speak

How to communicate with younger coworkers

You may have heard the millennial generation described as lazy, entitled and even disrespectful. On the surface, it's easy to understand why: They are tethered to their devices, they can be impatient for results, they seem to crave recognition. ...
Mar 1

Morning Rush? 3 Strategies To Get You Out The Door And To Work Faster

Many people find themselves rushing last minute to get out the door and on their way to work for various reasons, such as they oversleep, experience emergencies or get distracted by family members, pets, news or other things. The following three strategies can help you leave the house faster:
Buy On-The-Go Breakfast Items
Breakfast is a critical meal. ...
Feb 25

6 easy feng shui tips for business success

Not too long ago, I received a phone call from another entrepreneur asking for my guidance with a few things. While we were talking, I mentioned to him that I had some information on my desk that could help him out.
I quickly ran to my office, my neck crooked holding my phone in place. ...
Feb 23

College Not Your Thing? 3 Technical Careers That May Be The Right Fit

It has been a commonly accepted notion that if you want to earn a good living you need a college degree. However, many of the fastest growing careers require no college degree whatsoever. True enough, the people holding these jobs need training and sometimes certificates, but that’s it. ...
Feb 21

5 Tips for Stress-Free Networking

Stop angling for what you want and start looking for how to help people and enjoy their company.
Successful entrepreneurs know that networking is not a numbers game. It’s not about how many business cards you pass out or collect. ...
Feb 13

Jocko Willink: Career Advice From A Former Navy SEAL

I spoke to Jocko Willink, the bestselling author of Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win and former Navy SEAL officer, about the lessons he learned from his time in the military, the most important leadership qualities, how he transitioned from being a Navy SEAL to the business world, how his company's experience-based solutions help teams and his best career advice. ...
Feb 9

If You Want a Great Job, Tell a Great Story

A few lessons on job searching from our 16th president.
The film Lincoln is getting rave reviews because it tells a great story in an engaging way. And, it reminds us that the 16th president was most effective at convincing someone to take his side when he was able, without hesitation, to reach into his past and relate a story to the current moment. ...
Jan 31