Veteran employment specialist offers job hunting advice

How I bounced back after a job loss, and ways you can, too
In my two years as an employment specialist for the VA, I have helped hundreds of Veterans and transitioning Servicemembers find jobs in the federal government as well as the private and nonprofit sectors. ...
Feb 23

Federal hiring freeze could cause problems for managers, veterans

President Donald Trump’s new federal hiring freeze could cause major problems for not only managers at the Departments of Veterans Affairs and Defense but also thousands of former servicemembers hoping to land government posts. On Monday, in one of his first executive actions in the White House, Trump ordered “a freeze on the hiring of federal civilian employees to be applied across the board in the executive branch. ...
Feb 15

Recruiting Bots Are Here to Stay

After launching FirstJob, a San Francisco-based online marketplace for early-career job seekers, in 2013, founders Eyal Grayevsky and James Maddox started to understand the pain points and inefficiencies faced by both applicants and employers.
For job seekers, Grayevsky said in a recent interview with SHRM Online, "85 percent of applications went 'dark,' " resulting in applicants becoming frustrated when they hear nothing back and employers suffering damage to their brand. ...
Feb 7

Why There’s No Better Time Than Now For An Attitude Of Gratitude

Just like beauty, happiness lies in the eye of the beholder.

As much as I’d love to vote 2016 off my island, the Year From Hell still has about six weeks during which we undoubtedly will ask “Can this get any crazier?” It reminded me of this column I wrote five years ago. ...
Jan 31

Home Depot and GallopNYC Join Forces to Help Vets with PTSD

Out of nearly 19 million veterans living in the United States, anywhere from two to six million of them suffer from PTSD. 11-20 percent of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans reportedly have the condition.
GallopNYC, a therapeutic horsemanship program in New York City, has been doing its part to help people with disabilities since 2007, from children with autism to veterans with PTSD. ...
Jan 25

How Keeping a Human Element in Your Hiring Process Sets You Up for Success

Companies spend more time than ever before finding talent and making good hires. Glassdoor's 2015 Why Is Hiring Taking Longer? report revealed that between 2010 and 2014, the average time it takes to hire an employee in the United States increased from 12.6 days to 22. ...
Jan 18

Why organizations need a program to promote peer recognition in the workplace

Well, whaddya know? It is actually better to give than to receive.  
At least when you’re talking about recognizing great performance in the workplace.
A new study from O.C. Tanner says that employees who are empowered to give recognition to outstanding colleagues feel more confident, are more driven and are more dedicated to the success of their organizations. ...
Jan 12

Without Strong Recruitment of Veterans, Clean Energy Companies Miss Out on a Competitive Advantage

Are veterans a valuable asset to companies? Research says that they are.
Are veterans a valuable asset to companies that provide renewable energy or energy efficiency products and services? The short answer is yes -- for those companies that make an effort. ...
Jan 3

Solve Your Company’s Veteran Hiring Crisis

500,000 unemployed veterans. Let us take a minute to think about the sheer magnitude of 500,000. According to the White House, each year the military separates between 240,000 and 360,000 service members. The core problem is that the vast majority of separated veterans is unprepared to enter the civilian workforce and civilian employers struggle to find pipelines for skilled and vetted veterans. ...
Dec 30

How to Extract the Skills that Military Veterans Can Bring to Your Organization

Veterans of the military may have a difficult time describing the skills that they gained in the military in their resumes and during interviews.  Your company’s resume reviewers and interviewers may need to take some extra efforts to extract these skills and characteristics from resumes. ...
Dec 20