4 Relaxing Real Estate Ventures to Relocate Your Family to After Your Tour of Duty


Serving the country in the military is a rewarding experience. While in the military, you probably lived in many different areas around the world, some that were stunning and beautiful, others that may not have been as friendly. In most cases, your family moved with you to some of these locations. Now, you are looking forward to ending your tour of duty and finding the perfect place to retire. Texas is ranked highly among states for veterans. For one reason, there is no state income tax on military retirement which can save veterans a significant amount. These four cities in Texas offer many benefits for veterans and their families.




This city boasts the lowest property tax in the area due to the fact that most of the town’s revenue comes from sales tax. There are more doctors per capita in Shenandoah than any other city outside of Houston. The percentage of residents over the age of 65 is fairly high as well, making it a better choice for retirees than those who have simply ended a tour with the military. However, there are many things for younger people to do as well. There is a City Park and a Toddler Park, providing outdoor activities for families.


New Braunfels


New Braunfels is a prime place to relocate to due to its close proximity to Austin and San Antonio. The city has many veteran services nearby and it is also conveniently located near Randolph Air Force Base. Many neighborhoods, like Vintage Oaks, have a large veteran population and also support wounded veterans through a partnership with Operation FINALLY Home. It is home to the world-famous Schlitterbahn Waterpark so your family can make many memories as the slide and splash when the weather is hot.




Listed as one of the best Houston suburbs, Katy offers opportunities for healthcare as well as great entertainment options. The town has more doctors than any other suburb and there are nearly 100 restaurants. Numerous retirement communities make it a great location for those who are retiring from the military. There is a strong sense of community in Katy as well, providing ample volunteer opportunities for those who are civic minded. Train lovers enjoy the Railroad Park with its Missouri-Kansas-Texas Depot that has been restored and is now used as a Tourist Center. If you’re interested in Katy, consider working with real estate professionals like those at Liz Carter & Team Realty Inc.




Like its name, Humble is a quiet, community-oriented town known for its friendly residents. There are no strangers in Humble and it is a place that people say they enjoy coming home to. Most of the homes are single-family homes, ranging from small ranches to mini-mansions. There are more than 206 amenities for senior citizens and over 120 doctors in the area. There are several parks that are designed for walking, biking or hiking. The Deerbrook Mall provides ample shopping opportunities and there are often entertainment events at the Civic Center.


If you are ending your tour of duty in the military and are considering Texas for relocation, these four areas are well-suited for former military members. With no income tax on military pensions in Texas, there is even more incentive to consider settling in one of these beautiful towns. Consider the options discussed above, as well as any you may find on your own. Keep in mind what will be best for your family’s lifestyle when choosing where to live following your time in the military.


By: Emma Sturgis