A Guide Simplifying the Job Search Process


The job search process can be tiring and relentless. You may feel you are spending hour upon hour clicking through job sites and applying to positions but to no avail. By following some simple tips on navigating our online job board, you can learn how to make the job search easier and more successful.


1.      Create a Profile


There are three parts to creating your profile; your personal information, your desired employment, and your privacy settings. The personal information allows employers viewing your profile to see who you are; your licenses, coursework, languages, awards, hobbies and interests, etc. It also allows you to upload a headline and objective statement. Crafting an intelligent and attention grabbing objective statement will make your profile stand out among other job candidates. The Desired Employment section allows you to tailor your profile to match your career field. You may choose a primary and secondary career field, as well as position type, desired travel and desired salary. The privacy settings can be manipulated to fit your specific needs. You have the ability to set your resume on private but keep your profile viewable or vice versa. Filling out your profile accurately and ahead of time saves a lot of time and effort later on when trying to narrow down job postings. It also makes you more attractive as a job candidate to employers looking through job seeker’s profiles.


2.      Post Resume


Immediately after you update your profile, head over to the Post Resume section and upload an up-to-date resume. You can then decide who can view your resume, edit it any time, and upload multiple resumes. By uploading your documents ahead of time, it makes applying for jobs easier in the long run. Instead of having to upload a resume every time you see a job you are interested in, you can just click apply and it will use the previously uploaded resume of your choice. If you need help writing a resume, check out our Top 10 Resume Writing Tips for some helpful advice.


3.      Tailor the Search


All too often, job seekers forget to utilize the search optimization bar and end up clicking through many jobs that are not relevant to them.  The bar allows you to enter key words, filter job categories, pick a location, set a salary range, and enter required experience level. By filtering as much as you can in the search process, you can narrow down the job listings and only see the jobs that are actually of interest to you.


  1. 4.      Monitor Continuously


At WorkplaceDiversity.com, there are new jobs posted constantly. To ensure the best chance of finding a job, it is recommended that you regularly check the job site for updates and new job postings. Our site offers the opportunity to save jobs for later, which is helpful if you wish to browse jobs, collect them all in a list, and apply at a later time. Remember to monitor your saved jobs continuously to make sure you apply before the position is filled or reaches its deadline. 


  1. 5.      Apply Frequently


Whether you are a seasoned career professional or fresh out of college seeking a job, the process will take time and will therefore require patience and dedication. This means continuously applying for new positions and contacting potential employers. The more jobs you apply for, the higher the chance of finding a job.


Here at WorkplaceDiversity.com, we understand how grueling the job search process can be, so we hope the above tips help you utilize our job board to its fullest potential. Your dream job awaits you, best of luck and happy job hunting!


Written By: O. Greendyk