After the Services: 5 Great Jobs For Military Veterans


After your military service ends, a lot of things change, one of which is the need to find another job. Fortunately, you reenter the job market with a broad range of skills, from research and surveillance to teaching groups and problem solving. Thanks to rigorous specialized military training, there are many career opportunities for you to pursue. Here's five of the best jobs for veterans. These jobs not only pay well, but also allow veterans to use their training and skill set.

Project Manager

Military training instills leadership qualities including being assertive, knowing how to delegate, and knowing how to coordinate resources including manpower. It doesn't come as a surprise that military vets are a good fit for managerial positions, specifically IT project managers. As an IT project manager, your role is to understand the individual jobs of each person on your team and use their specific talents and strengths to produce optimal results and meet deadlines. According to the prominent job site, Monster, the median salary for project managers in the tech field is $96,000.

Aircraft Mechanic

Depending on which department you were stationed during your time in the military, there are various skilled trade jobs that can use your professional experience and qualities. If you've worked in military vehicles including but not limited to jets and fighter planes, working as an aircraft mechanic can be an easy transition for you. You can work in different fields, such as airlines, cargo planes, private aerospace companies, recreational aircraft facilities, etc. The median salary for aircraft mechanics is a few thousand dollars shy of $60,000, but those with experience under their belt can make up to $87,000.

Web Developer

Military vets are trained not only to move quick on their feet but to think quick as well. This mental agility and knack for problem-solving under pressure are skills that can be translated into the world of web development. Whether you are interested in designing and developing responsive websites or working on databases and algorithms, it's a field that can challenge you mentally and, at the same time, pay you generously. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for web developers is $66,000.

Weapons Specialist

Those who specialized in military firearms and weapons technology can transition to a weapons specialist for a private military company or security contractor. As a weapons specialist, you'll be helping the company, such as Moore Advanced Dynamics, develop and maintain innovative and professional weapons and parts. Vigorous testing and materials research are important tasks that fall under a weapons specialist's lap. While the average annual salary for military weapons specialists are a mere $23,000, those who work for private companies can make significantly bigger salaries.

Registered Nurse

Military vets are trained to be good with managing people, even those who are fairly difficult to manage. As a registered nurse, you can use this patience and sense of compassion to take care of ill people. There are various departments or fields you can choose to work in, such as medical-surgical, home care, geriatrics, psychiatric, and so on. Depending on which field they work in, the salary of a registered nurse can fluctuate from $63,000 to $73,000. As a military vet, you'll find that nursing has several work perks including good pay, flexible hours, working in a cohesive unit, and working in regularly changing environments.

As a military vet, there are many career paths you can pursue. While the five jobs listed above are some of the best careers to go for, it's important to choose one that aligns with your personal values and professional interests rather than just solely base it on salary and benefits.


By: Lizzie Weakley