College Not Your Thing? 3 Technical Careers That May Be The Right Fit


It has been a commonly accepted notion that if you want to earn a good living you need a college degree. However, many of the fastest growing careers require no college degree whatsoever. True enough, the people holding these jobs need training and sometimes certificates, but that’s it. Despite not having a four-year degree, many people in more technical fields actually make a very comfortable living. Here’s a look at three different technical careers that offer a nice salary, but don’t require a degree.


1. Electrician


From home wiring to street lights, we couldn’t live without the local electricians. To get this job, most applicants go to a technical school and then do an apprenticeship. The job can be dangerous by nature. However, good training helps the average electrician avoid this. The person who holds this job also enjoys longevity. Many work into their 60s, according to the US News and World Report. Most make a comfortable salary, too, ranging from just over $51,000 on up to $88,000.


2. Welder


According to the Bureau and Labor Statistics, the average welder has a high school diploma or equivalent, though some do go on to technical school to get an associate’s degree. They may build boats, create new parts for an antique car, or even make custom pieces for businesses. The average pay for this professional is just under $40,000, and many are opting to go out on their own to work. Those who’d like to do that would need their own equipment. Companies like Northland Fastening Systems count sell equipment, though other welding equipment companies exist, giving self-employed welders plenty of options.


3. Multimedia Artist or Animator


Some technical jobs aren’t physical. This includes multimedia artists and animators. Though many will go through a college degree program, some are self-taught at least partially like artist Damon Davis, who told St. Louis magazine that much of what he learned, he learned on his own. Art school can give artists like these a foundation, but learning the graphics programs required to do these jobs doesn’t require a degree. In fact, these artists can learn the technical know-how on sites like or even YouTube. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average multimedia artist makes about $63,000 a year.


Last Thoughts on Technical Careers


If you’ve always marched to the beat of your own drummer, then chances are a formal university degree may not appeal to you much. If this is the case, a technical career may be just the thing you’re looking for. From welding to multimedia art, these jobs are well-paying and interesting. Best of all, they don’t require a college degree.


Written By: Emma Sturgis