End Of Duty: 4 Low-Key Jobs Perfect For Transitioning To Civilian Careers


When you make the decision to leave the military or when your tour of duty is over, it can sometimes be hard to enter the civilian world once again. There might be people who have moved to new areas, new family members or other situations that have changed when you go back home. One of the things that can help to transition back to civilian life and a civilian career is finding a low-key job. The job that you find should be one that you enjoy and one that uses some of the skills that you have learned while in the military or while in school.


Office Staff


One of the jobs that you might find interesting and a bit more relaxing than other jobs is working in an office. You can use some of the organization skills that you have learned in the military to keep documents filed properly while maintaining confidentiality and privacy for customers and those who work for the business. Once you've settled into a routine, you can start looking toward moving up the career ladder by applying for an office management position.


Cleaning Crew


If you want a job that doesn't involve working around a lot of people, then consider working for a cleaning company. Most companies clean offices after hours, so you'll probably only be around the people you're working with and a few office personnel. Talk to a professional cleaning company, like those at A-Plus Window Cleaning, to get a better idea of what the job would be like and the options that you have for different locations to clean. At some point, you could start your own cleaning business so that you set your own hours.


Security Officer


There are many private businesses looking for quality security officers to patrol buildings after they have closed. You could also be an officer at a school or library. There are quite a few options available where you can use some of the training that you received in the military before deciding whether you would want to be a police officer or work for a larger security company, such as the FBI.




While in the military, you might not get the best food possible. However, you probably learned how to cook in the kitchen or how to prepare foods for yourself. These skills can be taken to a restaurant where you can cook for other people. Venture out on your own as a chef after learning the skills needed or taking a few culinary courses.


Transitioning to civilian life can be difficult at times. You want to jump right in with living your life like normal, but there might be changes to be made first. Find a job that suits your personality and uses the skills that you have taken from the military before expanding to a career.


by: Emma Sturgis