How to Find the Career That Best Suits Your Talents and Interests


When people are looking for a career path in life, they too often look only at what a given profession can pay. Though this may lead to financial success, it will rarely lead to a satisfactory career. Instead, people should consider their personal talents, interests and personality types when trying to decide what they should do for a living. Here are a few of the best ways for you to identify a career that will suit you perfectly.


First, Decide What You Aren't Suited For


With so many varied career choices available, it can sometimes be more productive to decide what you don't want to do than trying to pick a single career path from the thousands upon thousands of options. Perhaps, for example, you aren't much of a social or outgoing person. If that's the case, a career in sales would likely not be for you. Eliminating the things you know you don't want to make a living doing will make it easier to narrow down your remaining good choices.


Decide Your Goals


Careers aren't only what people do for a living, but also a way for them to reach the goals they have for their own lives. Decide what your personal career goals are, specifically those that don't involve money. Do you want to travel, or to be able to work remotely when you want to? If so, a job in the IT or tech sector would be more suitable to you than something that requires you to work on location. Career goals like these can tell you a lot about what the best path for you is.


Consider Your Personal Traits


Some people have a natural talent for risk-taking, while others prefer security and stability. In order to find the best careers for their personal abilities, the former group should heavily consider a career in entrepreneurship of some kind.


Many excitement-seeking people settle on house flipping or real estate investing, as these ventures allow them to use their natural aptitude for taking risks and handling stress to the fullest. Online resources like Rules of Renovation can provide information on house flipping specifically. Personal traits like thrill-seeking, quick learning and other inherent abilities such as these can be huge assets in finding your dream career.


Learn From People in Career Fields You Are Interested in


Though it's great to consider your abilities, learn about different careers and then determine how your skills line up with those careers, nothing beats the test of actually trying something to see if you like it and are good at it. The best way to do this is to attend career-oriented events where you will meet people in industries you know you are interested in.


In many cases, these people will be willing to give you insights into the career you're considering, tell you whether they think you're well-suited for it or even let you shadow them for a day or two to get the feel of the job.


If the career you're interested in is related to the tech sector or anything that startup companies will find useful, you can also consider approaching local small businesses for career insights and guidance. Going straight to the source in this way will keep you from wasting time getting into different careers and deciding they aren't right for you.


Picking out the perfect career will take time and patience. You should carefully research any career you're interested in and determine whether your skills, ability and personal characteristics are a good fit for it. If you take the time and make the right decision now, you'll be able to set yourself up with a career you enjoy for the rest of your life.


By: Ani O.

Freelance writer and web enthusiast