Job Security: How Keeping People Safe Can Be a Stable Career


Many people go to great lengths to protect themselves and their loved ones in different ways. This includes buckling up for safety in the car, locking the doors and windows of your home at night and more. Some individuals are so focused on safety and security that they decide to pursue a career in this area to help others. There are actually a wide range of security-related jobs that you could pursue. These are some of the many positions that you could move into if you want to enjoy a stable and lucrative career helping others to stay safe.


Security System Installation


Many residential and commercial properties today use a security system. However, despite their prevalence, there are always opportunities for the installation of a new system as well as the replacement of an outdated system. Installing modern systems that have high-tech features and advanced capabilities can be challenging, and it requires the effort of a security system expert. When you have the right training and skills to tackle these installation tasks, you may be able to enjoy incredible stability throughout your career. However, because technology is constantly evolving in this area, you should be prepared to upgrade your knowledge of new features as needed over the years.


Video Analytics


One of the more common features that many security systems have today is video surveillance. In many homes and businesses, the footage from surveillance cameras may be captured for viewing later, or it may be viewed in real-time through mobile technology. Video analytics, however, takes the use of your footage to a new level. Through analytics, you may be able to learn more about trends, risks and other factors. Video analytics professionals have expert techniques that could reduce the incidence of crime on all types of properties, and these professionals may also use their skills to help you identify perpetrators who may have been working incognito.


IT Security


Cyber security and network security are important topics, and you may be able to launch a successful career helping other people or businesses improve their IT security in different ways. Some IT security professionals are dedicated, full-time employees. Others are contractors who work on an as-needed basis for many companies. These are professionals that can assist with data migration to a more secure network, the implementation of new firewalls, the identification of network security risks and the completion of many other related tasks.


Law Enforcement


Law enforcement is perhaps the most obvious type of security and safety position that you could pursue. A police officer may work in a specific town, county or state. This individual is responsible for ensuring that all residents and businesses are obeying laws. Security guards are also job options available. These professionals monitor activities on a specific property and may potentially deter crimes. An alternative to law enforcement is military service. There are numerous military positions that you could fill, and these range from a career in medicine to infantry and more. All military positions are responsible in some way for national security.


Many people are worried about job security at some point. After all, the last thing that you may want is to be laid off and find yourself without gainful employment and a regular check. Layoffs may seem to happen out of the blue when you least expect them, and there are no guarantees with any position or industry. However, security jobs often come with the benefit of job security in different ways. Spend time learning more about the requirements for these jobs and other types of related jobs as a first step to determine if these are career baths that you want to pursue.


By: Brooke Chaplan

Brooke Chaplan / Freelance Writer
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