Military Manufacturing: 5 Great Jobs for Military Veterans


with the respect they deserve in the job market, but if you’re having trouble finding employment, don’t despair; there are still a variety of jobs that are available to most military veterans. Here are five great jobs for military veterans, taking into account average salaries, required qualifications, and compatibility with a military skillset.


First-Line Supervisor for Mechanics/Technicians


‘First-line supervisor’ isn’t the most helpful job description, but the job essentially boils down to supervising mechanics and technicians in a variety of industries, such as automobile manufacturing. The job requires organization and leadership, qualities that many military vets already possess, and the median annual salary for first-line supervisors is around $63,000.


Sales Account Representative


Sales is a great field for opportunistic vets, as advancement in the field is often based more on merit and performance than on previous qualifications. Usually, only a high school diploma (or equivalent) is required to start out as a sales account rep, whose main job is to sell services to consumers, businesses and government agencies. Annual salary is around $56,000, but the job comes with a high potential for advancing in the field.


Military Manufacturing


Since vets already have experience with military equipment, working at a business that manufactures military equipment is a natural fit. Many defense contract manufacturers, such as AvioTech Ltd., which manufacturers military cables, harnesses and wiring, are very willing to hire vets, and starting-level manufacturing positions usually require no previous qualifications other than a high school diploma.


Human Resources Manager


HR manager is a fairly high-level position (they make over $100,000 a year on average) but vets who possess at least a Bachelor’s Degree will be eligible to apply for the position at some businesses. HR managers are responsible for directing a business’ recruiting, hiring and administrative functions, and they serve as a link between employer and employees. If you consider yourself a ‘people person’ consider applying for an HR position.




Applying for an electrician’s license is a great career move for vets who have the required technical background from their years of military service. Electricians are always in demand for both residential and commercial work, and they make a median of about $51,000 per year. In addition, the field is expected to see 14% job growth between 2014 and 2024.


If you’re struggling to find work as a military veteran, consider applying for one of these five jobs. Some require no qualifications other than a high school diploma, while others require skills that many vets will have gained during their time serving in the military. If you’re having trouble finding new employment, don’t despair; try applying for one of these positions and find new employment now.


By: Lizzie Weakley