Office Gig Not Your Thing? 4 Successful Hands-On Careers


Not everyone is cut out to spend several hours a day working in an office. Although corporate America is known as a place where big decisions are made and big money can be earned, the reality of careers that lock you into an office is that they can be stressful and filled with regret.


If you are the practical type who enjoys getting things done in a tangible and palpable manner, an office is probably one of the last places you'd want to end up working at.


The following hands-on careers will not only keep you out of the 9-5 office grind; they can also keep you happily employed while providing opportunities for professional development:


Automotive Technician


Everyone loves a mechanic, particularly in this age of auto technology shifting towards zero emissions, plug-in electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cells. Today's auto technicians are trained to do a lot more than oil changes and tire rotations; they learn about the new power train standards that no longer rely on internal combustion engines, and they also become proficient in programming infotainment systems.


Welding Technician


This highly technical career and its potential for high compensation is a closely guarded trade secret. Most people associate welders with the construction trade; however, their expertise is often required in the aerospace, automotive and marine sectors. Welding is a field that is closely associated with metal fabrication, which starts with technical drafting as well as material selection, cutting, and forming before getting to welding. Professionals in this field tend to be in very high demand, particularly if they are familiar with structural applications. It’s important to have reliable equipment, like the products offered at Northland Fastening Systems, if you’re working in this occupation.


Culinary Arts


Cooking is one of the most delightful and rewarding endeavors that you can accomplish with your hands, but this career path will require you to put all your senses to work in order to achieve success. If you are looking for high pay as a chef, you will have to do more than work with your hands; you will need to learn about restaurant management, marketing and business administration.


Marine Biologist


This scientific career will keep you in the water and far from the office. Even if you join a research team that needs to sit down to write scientific papers, you will spend most of your time out in the field conducting experiments and collecting evidence; these will always be hands-on activities that cannot be performed from an office.


If you’re looking for a career away from the daily grind of office work, there are plenty of opportunities out there for you. Above we discussed four successful careers that are more technical and hands-on.


Written By: E. Sturgis