Post-Military Service: 5 Graduate Degrees for Veterans to Consider


After completing your time in the military and your bachelor’s degree, you may feel lost about what to do next. A graduate degree is the right next step for many people. Consider one of these graduate degrees.


Information Security


One of the most popular career choices is one in information security. You may be able to apply some of your military training to your information security career. As a growing field, there are many job opportunities. The outlook is good for a long-lasting career in information security.




A career in medicine may be the most logical next step for those who were in the medical field of the military. While med school may be hard even for veterans to get into, a private MCAT tutor can help you get into medical school and continue your career. From there, you can choose to go into many different medical, surgical and other programs.




Many veterans choose a career in engineering because it makes sense after having picked up some engineering skills in the military. You’ll need to have a background in engineering to make it in a graduate program. There are many job opportunities in different fields for engineers.


Criminal Justice


You can bridge the gap between military and law enforcement with a graduate degree in criminal justice. Many veterans choose to go into law enforcement. The focus will primarily be on how you can make criminal justice work for you. Doing law enforcement work can be rewarding and is very similar to being in the military.


Computer Science


A computer science degree is great for military members who worked in the technology sector. You can use the degree to perform many different jobs in the field. If you are going to get a computer science degree, you can consider many different options. A computer science graduate degree can help you get almost any job in the computer science field.


If you want to continue your career after your undergraduate degree, the graduate degree just makes sense. Finding something you can use your past military experience to do is a great way to ensure you’re going to have a career that is fulfilling. A degree program that works for you will be valuable because it will give you the strong foundation you need to be successful later on while you are starting your career in the field you have chosen.


By: Lizzie Weakley