Why You Should Hire American Workers


As our nation's economic problems and instabilities continue to grow, the fear of losing a job or being unable to obtain one upon graduation has become a harsh reality for a large amount of American citizens. Many of the companies in which these layoffs have occurred, have begun to replace their previous American workers with non-immigrant foreigners from all across the globe. This practice can be done by businesses through the use of the H-1B visa program, a program that was designed to help companies to hire extremely skilled and specialized foreign workers for specific company roles. However, many companies have been using these visas and others alike as a way to cut costs, outsource the work, and replace American workers. While this may seem like a good business tactic for these companies, it is in turn hurting the U.S. economy even more, and leaving thousands of skilled and abled American workers jobless.


With a high unemployment rate, many Americans are out of work and therefore desperate to reenter the workforce. While it is often a misconception and a negative stereotype that Americans are lazy and not willing to put in effort, these unemployed citizens strive restlessly to find any form of substantial work. Whether it be learning a new skill or trade, Americans are willing to do what it takes to be successful and to obtain a job to make a salary and support their livelihood. This flexibility and willingness to learn is something that can be a huge asset to a company that is willing to invest a small amount of resources into a training program or something that helps to facilitate an employee's transition into working for the company. A hard working attitude and strong work ethic embody these American citizens, and in the long run, these characteristics will not only strengthen a company's workforce, but help the company overall to expand and grow in a positive direction.


Many companies that decide to hire foreign workers cite inadequate education and a lack of necessary qualifications as the motives for looking to employees abroad. However, America is home to not only some of the brightest students, but the best and most rigorous universities in the world. The percentage of students not only going to college in the U.S., but graduating with a degree continues to increase each year. These students are graduating prepared and eager to enter the workforce and contribute to a company's growth. However, many times American workers are tasked with training their foreign replacements before being laid off, a sign that these workers are not as advanced and ahead as companies may claim. It is not practical to assume that all workers and graduates are prepared to the highest extent to take on a job with absolutely no training, even if they have prior experience or knowledge. But, American workers and graduates, with the level of education they have received, are just as trainable and capable to take on a new role as a foreigner who is in the same position. 


Hiring foreign workers for jobs that American citizens are fully capable of fulfilling is having a negative effect on our nation's economy. Americans losing their jobs and are unable to find work within similar positions. However, this group of citizens is not only educated and prepared, but full of hardworking individuals as well. Companies in American should begin to utilize their American pool of potential employees, as hiring Americans will bring many benefits to our  society and the company overall.


Written By: G. Ball