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14 Tips on How to Change Your Role

Changing tact in your career and convincing others to give you the opportunity is often challenging.
If this is something you want to do, my top tips to ensure things move in the right direction are as follows:

Know where you want to go or what you want to do. ...

For women in tech's male culture, mentoring matters

Commentary: Melinda Gates credits her high school math teacher with her career strategy of finding mentors who are coaches instead of cheering sections.A couple months ago, I came across a study on the value of mentorship -- it said that for women in STEM, mentors work like "social vaccines. ...

End Of Duty: 4 Low-Key Jobs Perfect For Transitioning To Civilian Careers

When you make the decision to leave the military or when your tour of duty is over, it can sometimes be hard to enter the civilian world once again. There might be people who have moved to new areas, new family members or other situations that have changed when you go back home. ...

4 Relaxing Real Estate Ventures to Relocate Your Family to After Your Tour of Duty

Serving the country in the military is a rewarding experience. While in the military, you probably lived in many different areas around the world, some that were stunning and beautiful, others that may not have been as friendly. In most cases, your family moved with you to some of these locations. ...

After the Services: 5 Great Jobs For Military Veterans

After your military service ends, a lot of things change, one of which is the need to find another job. Fortunately, you reenter the job market with a broad range of skills, from research and surveillance to teaching groups and problem solving. Thanks to rigorous specialized military training, there are many career opportunities for you to pursue. ...

Joint Base San Antonio Military Spouse Career Event

Wednesday, September 20, 2017 to Thursday, September 21, 2017

Military Family and Readiness Center
3060 Stanley Rd Building 2797
JBSA Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234
United States

See map: Google Maps


Please join us for two days of career development for military spouses. ...

5 Keys to a Smoother Military Transition

You probably heard "readiness" thousands of times in your military training; being prepared to spring into action when it's no longer a drill is crucial to your safety. When you're ready to leave the military, readiness may be the key to a successful transition and your financial security. ...

How to Find the Career That Best Suits Your Talents and Interests

When people are looking for a career path in life, they too often look only at what a given profession can pay. Though this may lead to financial success, it will rarely lead to a satisfactory career. Instead, people should consider their personal talents, interests and personality types when trying to decide what they should do for a living. ...

Minority Women Veterans Are Our Most Invisible Heroes

Our brave minority women veterans are often forced to navigate a discouraging obstacle course when they transition back into civilian life. No matter what their demographic might be, all military veterans returning home after a long time in active service face a distinct set of difficult challenges. ...

How To Advance Your Career While You’re Stuck Doing Grunt Work

Here’s what it takes to make the most of entry-level drudgery and limit your time doing it.
Pretty much everyone’s career starts the same way: with grunt work. Not just the clichéd fetching of coffee, but other lowly tasks: taking notes in meetings, preparing paperwork, scheduling, intensive research–even flat-out doing our bosses’ work for them. ...