9 High-Rated Companies Hiring Veterans Now


Coming out of a multi-year stint in the military, it’s not always easy to find work that makes you happy, pays the bills and offers healthy opportunities to grow and advance a career.


In the past week, in our focus on veteran members of the job force in honor of Veterans Day, we took time to cover the jobs employers tend to hire veterans for. We also looked into the issues facing veterans as they search for work in the private sector.


Today we are taking a quick peak at some companies that have been rated highly for their company culture and benefits, while at the same time making an effort to seek out former U.S. military personnel to fill their ranks. Working with number supplied by Glassdoor.com, an online jobs and career information portal, we created a slideshow of nine great firms where hiring vets is a priority. Check it out below!


One of the higher-ranking companies on the list is KPMG. The company is an advisory firm that specializes in taxes, audits and accounting with more than 23,000 employees and partners within the U.S. One employee of the company told Glassdoor: “Excellent growth opportunities for new grads. This is a great place to start your career. You have the opportunity to do global rotation.”

Also featured as a prolific hirer of veterans is Deloitte, a mammoth audit and tax advisory firm with more than 70,000 employees. One former employee noted: “I have personally seen that Deloitte’s top talents tend to start young, spend 3-4 years, then take a hiatus to pursue a Graduate Degree (typically an MBA). The firm sometimes re-hires these consultants after their MBA with generous financial incentives. They offer much better packages to folks graduating from top universities. Sometimes they can offer huge joining bonuses.”

But the number one company with a mind towards hiring vets is Veterans United Home Loans. The company, which helps veterans secure loans to purchase housing, is known as a relatively informal yet serious organization that speaks veterans’ language. One employee told Glassdoor: “Compensations are generous and random- from walking into the office one morning and getting a box of candy at my desk with a note from the CEO telling me (and every other qualifying employee) VU just plunked $1,000 into my 401(k)- Seriously? To naming all employees Employee Of The Year at the Christmas Party and putting another $3000 in our 401(k)s.”



By: Karsten Strauss  | Source: forbes.com